Friendly’s Coupons

Get coupons and special offers for a tasty treat – Friendly’s is a company founded on ice cream but built around families. They opened the first Friendly’s Ice Cream Shop in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1935. Friendly’s is a place where hungry people can sit together, eat together, joke together and debate about who has the best way to eat an ice cream sundae, where sons can find out why lefty pitchers are harder to hit and where families can meet up to get an extra fifteen minutes of talk time over famous ice cream.

Friendly’s is committed to quality in everything they do, from made to order Friendly’s Big Beef Burgers to their signature SuperMelt Sandwiches every meal with classic comfort foods and delicious new dishes that you can only find at Friendly’s. And they end every meal with unbelievable homemade ice cream in limitless sizes, shapes, and flavors! For over 70 years, Friendly’s has built a place that brings a friendly staff, reasonable prices, and a thousand sweet ways to end your day. That’s why they truly are the one place Where Ice Cream Makes The Meal.

Commitment to Healthy Living: Friendly’s Ice Cream encourages and supports moderate food and drink consumption as part of a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle. They are committed to offering a broad range of food and drink choices to customers and to providing information about the nutritional content of its menu items. As part of its commitment to healthy living, Friendly’s engages in a number of activities:

Friendly’s posts the Nutrition and Allergens profile of food and drink offerings on the company web site. This information is also available in the restaurants. This allows guests, including parents, to make informed dining choices for themselves and their children. Friendly’s restaurants are trans-fat free. Friendly’s contributes to a number of groups that promote physical activity and community involvement by children, including the YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, and youth sport teams. Many local Friendly’s restaurants also make contributions to similar organizations within their communities. Find a Friendly’s location nearest you.

Not only is Friendly’s committed to crave-worthy treats, they are equally committed to Healthy Dining options in every restaurant, so that Friendly’s can be a delicious part of customer’s healthy lifestyle. Since its launch in 1991, the Health Dining program has been dedicated to helping Americans find healthy menu items. Friendly’s team of expertly trained registered dietitians provides nutrition analysis for restaurants, consults with restaurants to improve the nutrition value of their menu items, and highlights those menu items with this seal for dietitian-approved menu items.